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We have been making up advance customer orders since Lockdown and many customers asked for an online order facility to make that easier. We currently do not have an ecommerce website but have set up a Product List on Google Drive which the link below can take you to. This list was complied in July 2020 and so there have also been some updates posted on the drive since that time. Orders can be placed by email to On the Drive you will also find details of our ordering process.

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  1. Margaret Torrance

    I was pleased to receive your email, but dismayed when I opened the ‘lists’! I had expected straightforward price-lists. I am not quite sure what these are. I have been contemplating giving you orders should we have to go into full lockdown again since I understand that you have previously delivered to one or two of my neighbours, and my husband and I do come to the shop when in Biggar, though that is not terribly regularly. I do understand that keeping price-lists up-to-date is probably a step too far for a small shop like yourselves, but a straightforward list all in one place would seem to make sense, even without prices. Have I misunderstood your intentions perhaps?

    1. Hello Margaret – thanks for your message.
      At present we have around 2.5k products stocked in our wee shop and so we just cannot provide lists and prices of all of these. So we spent a considerable mount of time making up the product list so that our customers could “see” what we stocked. We still are not allowing customers into our shop and so many had been complaining that they didn’t know what we stocked and so this seemed like a step in the right direction to help partially solve this challenge.
      So the product list file is on the drive- the one with the green picture provides that information. The other files are updates of when we have added new stock or have news.
      There is also a “Guide to Easy ordering” on the file next to it
      Where do you live so I can let you know when we might deliver if you are interested.
      Kind regards Jane

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